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Windermere Mohair Throws + Colours

Windermere Mohair Throws + Colours

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Mohair, one of the worlds natural fibers collected from the fleece of the Angora Goat. Mohair is renowned for its softness intensity and receptiveness to rich dyes.

A Windermere Throw will not only last you for years to come but will also act as a beautiful interior detail in your home. Our incredible collection of Throws offer a colour choice to suit every decor.

Blanket Throw 185 cm x 130 cm 

Manufactured by Masterweave, based in Masterton, New Zealand. Masterweave have over twenty five years of experience with Mohair and produce these high quality mohair throws.

Care Instructions:

Usually a good shake and airing will dislodge any dirt particles.  If you need to wash your mohair throw firstly soak in tepid water using a mild detergent recommended for washing wool. Then very gently agitate by hand to dislodge dirt particles (do not agitate unduly). Rinse in clean, cool water and hang or lay flat to dry.  Do not tumble dry.

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