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Navy Baby

Posting Box

Posting Box

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The NavyBaby Posting Box covers a range of posting play opportunities. Let's take a look at a few main childhood schemas (play patterns) and skills that are in full swing when the posting box is being used: Positioning  - Arranging things a certain way. Posting things into position.
Enveloping - Covering or hiding things. Posting objects inside a box to hide! This can support placement skills, ordering, and organizing. 
Object Permanence - Does this object still exist although I can't see it? Young children learn to understand that yes the object is there! We made sure the inner compartment of the box can be pulled right out or removed to support this learning. 
Cause & Effect - My actions cause an event to take place. I post this ball through the hole and then it rolls out the bottom! How interesting! 
Fine Gross Motor Skills - Manipulating items/objects to turn, rotate or flip and further post in or through. 

The NavyBaby Posting Box features:
1x thin slot. Suitable for NavyBaby wooden buttons or NavyBaby Organza scarfs!
1x thick slot. Suitable for the NavyBaby A-grade small wooden ring or NavyBaby larger silk scarfs!
1x circle hole. Suitable for the NavyBaby small-sized metal sphere, wooden ball, crochet cup, eggs, pom pom, and more!

Loose Items:

  • 1 x Metal Sphere
  • 1 x Large Wooden Button
  • 1 x Small Wooden Ring

Material: Natural Beech Wood. 
The Posting Box is not designed as a teether and should not be sucked on. 



 Items of concern are tested at an accredited Toy Testing Laboratory.

All items meet standard AS/NZS 8124.1:2023 part 1. This is a baseline requirement for selling any toy to young children.

Items have been tested with a certified choking cylinder and internal checks regularly upheld.

Items bypass 3 differing quality control checks as they arrive on and depart our premises.

Safety cards/educational leaflets with all purchases, support the customer. 

Every product holds a detailed description, helping you make the most informed choice for you and your precious one.  

Our items are not designed to be teethers for your child with sore gums or those cutting teeth. If your child needs relief from teething, please use appropriate teethers.

We understand you know your child best and advise ADULT SUPERVISION AT ALL TIMES. Your presence during play is the most effective way to ensure your child is safe.

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